About Us

The folks at five fifty-five are thrilled to introduce Portland's newest, casual restaurant: Petite Jacqueline. Everything you would expect in a typical French bistro: friendly staff serving mouth-watering food, carafe wine and good espresso. Enjoy inexpensive comfort food in a hip, boisterous surrounding with lively music and the same, tireless attention to detail that made 555 an instant success.

Nestled in Portland's West End neighborhood and adjacent to the city's popular "Arts District," Petite Jacqueline is a destination for residents and tourists alike.

"To know my grandmother is to know warmth, compassion, and vivaciousness. For the past eight years, we have been dreaming about creating a place with an atmosphere much like the meals with our family-- boisterous, merry, and filled with courses of wonderful French cuisine. We welcome you to join us, at our table, and make a toast to a wonderful woman and an amazing cook, Petite Jacqueline."
-Michelle Corry

190 State St. Portland, ME   .  ph: 207.553.7044  .  fax: 207.553.7043